The fact of replacing your bathtub with a shower tray is not an easy decision. You must take into consideration a lot of factors that may affect your choice, such as budget, to find the right suppliers and the right people that execute with success the work.

Securibath shower tray

Let us give you the reasons why replacing your bathtub with a shower tray is one of the best decisions you can make.

Take care of the environment – Save money

First, the environment is facing significant changes that are caused by humans ¿What can we do to change this situation? Reduce the waste of water and energy. If you have a bathtub, you may know that it consumes a lot of water and energy (Almost 230 liters to full the bathtub). This misuse of resources affects not just the environment but your budget too if your purpose to save money this choice is one of the most accurate.

Shower trayNo more extra cleaning plus extra space

Secondly, if you are tired enough to do the cleaning, showers are easier to clean than bathtubs. For this reason, SecuriBath has created the BathClean system that makes water slip easily and takes out with it the rests of cal and dirtiness. At the same time, if you need some extra space to stock anything you need, then replacing your bathtub with a shower tray is the perfect alternative to you.

Shower tray

Accessible for everyone

Furthermore, if you live with old or disable people, the entrance to the bathtub is much risky and problematic for them. Having a shower tray facilitates access to it, besides you will skip the risk to fall due to the shower trays are extra-flat, adjustable and with a non-slip system, giving a safe and comfortable environment for each family member.

Baño para personas con demencia


After reading this, you may be thinking about restoring your bathtub with a shower tray. SecuriBath can help you with everything you need, we not only install the shower tray but we fabricate them. We are a company that has been working in quality, guarantee, and innovation that fits your preferences.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, let us make the replacement of your bathtub with a shower tray. Call us through our free line 900 101 191 and our expert technicians will give you a whole budget that fits your needs for free and without commitments.